Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hermes Paris

The flagship Hermes store in Paris is amazing. Opened this past November it sits on the site of a former 2,500 sq/meter swimming pool, designed by Denis Montel he created it using enormous structures of disposable wood. Located on Rue Severes on the Left Bank. It is a shopping experience for all senses. Every element is meticulously set, the merchandise whether flowers, books, jewelry, home or clothes are positioned to give the buyer a feeling of walking thru an art exhibit. And it is just that, an exhibit of the art of Hermes, It is a living exhibit, a lifestyle store like no other. Not stuffy or intimidating, the open bright 2 floor horse shoe layout is inviting. Its alive !  Finish off your shopping by going to the second floor cafe to enjoy some tea/coffee & pastries while overlooking the store.  A must visit,  you may never want to leave !!

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